Global Issues That Deserve More Attention.

  • Global Issues that Deserve More Attention
  • Spiritual awarness with acceptance of other’s belief. Because only positive thoughts can uplift human being. Today we have made progress materialistically but have lost morale values. We have reached moon but we can not reach our next door neighbor because of the differences.
    One great soul once said that there are several different kind of educations. One starts right at birth, meaning morale do’s and dont’s should be taught to a child by parents from an early age ( in fact some culture hold pregnant woman accountable for her thinking and indulgence when she conceive. It has a psychological effect on baby. meaning early education starts right from mother’s womb. My mother told me to read inspiring stories and religious scripture when I was pregnant with both my kids)
    Second education starts at pre kindergarten level. At that age child is taught basic values like, respect parents, teachers and others as well, follow rightness. Be responsible for their action etc. along with that, regular career level education through out school and college until adulthood
    And after that, lessons of life are learned throughout life. Today’s education is very career oriented, but has missed the core aspect of complete human development. A bird’s life is it’s wings. If you cut the wings, bird eventually loose it’s life. A tree’s life is it’s roots. I you cut the root, that tree will loose it’s life. Human can fly without wings, spread without roots but his life is based not only on material needs, emotions hold greater weight than material needs in human life. As it is said man is a social animal.
    It is vital to preserve human emotion. For human beings it is inevitable to not socialize with fellow human. being said that, one must learn to respect one another. There is no other way than acceptance for each other for social and morale order for a healthy community, nation and even international harmony will only prevail through better understanding for other cultures. We must remember that spiritual learning is food for healthy mind, heart and our soul.

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